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Information about Gravotech and its Software Division

Founded in 1988, TYPE3 became an industrial and artistic CAD CAM software editor. It released its first version of TYPE EDIT 30 years ago. In 2009, TYPE3 became the software division of the Gravotech group. Keeping providing excellence within Gravotech’s distribution network, Worldwide.

Worldwide Representation Gravotech

Worldwide Locations

We are closer than you think.
Thanks to 56 representations and 300 distributors in over 100 countries, Gravotech TYPE3 is just a phone call away.

Worldwide Languages Gravotech

Languages Spoken

We talk your language.
With more than 30 different languages, national employees Worldwide very often speak fluently several languages and can assist you in yours.

Worldwide Users Gravotech

Worldwide Users

Daily more than 60,000 users rely on the products and services of Gravotech TYPE3. We can be reached when you are in the most needed situations by emails, social media and phone.
Worldwide Employees Gravotech

Worldwide Employees

Our staff grows as you also grow with us, to supply the materials and the logistic to improve your business and to stay ahead of your competitors :  We are here for YOU.

Gravotech’s main distribution network

Worldwide Locations Gravotech
Gravotech HQ

TYPE3 HQ France

466 Rue des Mercières
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape

P:+33 (0)4 74 70 80 00
F:+33 (0)478 55 85 60


Gravotech Germany

TYPE3 Germany

Am Gansacker 3a
79224 Umkirch

P:+49 (0)7665 50070
F:+49 (0)7665 6136


Gravotech Italy

TYPE3 Italy

Via Rivera, 138
10040 . ALMESE (TO)

P:+39 (0) 119 352 714
F:+39 (0) 119 345 942


Gravotech Japan

TYPE3 Japan


P:+81 798 63 62 82
F:+81 798 63 62 80


Gravotech USA


2200 Northmont Pkw
Duluth, GA 30096

P: +1 (678) 904-2909
F: +1 (678) 904-2908


Gravotech China

TYPE3 China

Build. F, No.1835, DuHui Road Shanghai 201108,

P:+86(0) 21 240 868 67
F:+86(0) 21 240 868 00


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