Introducing TYPE ART, 3D modeling software

3D Artistic CAD Software Solution to Build Beautiful 3D & Bring Ideas to Life

Discover your inner 3D skills with TYPE ART, the complete dedicated 3D CAD package capable of transforming 2D elements into 3D beautiful arts ready-to-machine and to convert 3D model to bas relief. With TYPE ART you can parametrically build 3D Bas-reliefs from any 2D imported or entirely designed within the TYPE CAD module. All the power in puffing up and down your designs is gathered within this easy-to-use 3D package dealing with the most detailed levels required in Mold cavities, Dies, 3D Signage, Jewelry…


3D Parametric Tree

Build Designs with Associativities

TYPE ART 3D modeling software allows building polymesh surfaces from any element of construction: vector or imported Surfaces. They can be used to model pretty much any 3D Bas reliefs.

For each step added to the construction a historic tree allows Users to modify the results at any step of the design avoiding to restart everything from scratch.

Fully associative it can be used to keep a methodology as a historic, insuring process stays within the files of your 3D software, or disabled as needed to suit the designer way of building.

3D texture Management

User-Friendly at its easiest

TYPE ART module can apply any type of 3D texture on any kind of Surface. 3D Textures can be generated from vector, 3D models can be converted to bas relief, greyscale conversions, and Fractal Procedural Computations within a specific module.


3D Bas-Relief Creations

Coin Shaping combining 2D & amp; 3D elements

From any available technique such as reverse engineering, 3D scanning and / or full modeling in the TYPE ART 3D modeling software and SULPT’ART, the bas reliefs can be built from various sources and assembled, then machined together in the module TYPE CAM using combinations of 2D and 3D routes. The result is just impeccable.

Greyscale 3D Conversion

From BMP, TIFF, PNG files

Convert raster files into 3D mesh using the PHOTO ART feature, the greyscale converter included in TYPE ART which is capable of adjusting each individual pixel to a Z level creating beautiful 3D texture bas-relief ready to be machined.


3D Bas-Relief Creations

WoodWork Modeling with 2D & 3D Combinations

From any technic available such as reverse engineering, 3D scan and/or full modeling in TYPE ART and SCULPTART modules, convert 3D models to bas relief or build them from various sources and assembled, then machined together within TYPE CAM module using combinations of 2D and 3D paths.

Multi-Import Formats

3D Imports from third-party CAD Software

With the numerous import filters available in TYPE CAD and TYPE ART 3D modeling software, it is easy to manipulate files from nearly any sources and eventually send them back improved with the numerous 2D & 3D features available.



Import | Design | Sculpt

Discover the 3D Module allowing high level of details while guaranting Surface Mesh Qualityx


With TYPE ART 3D texture module users can quickly enhance industrial parts with texts, logos, legal information, specs, embossed or debossed from the surface on which they are projected. The process is straight forward and repeatable for any of the following industries.

Samples Created with TYPE ART Module

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