Rapid Prototyping AM/SM

Beyond the limits of the making…

There is no shape that cannot be made, neither details that cannot be reached with Rapid Prototyping nowadays. Using TYPE ART and its 3D CAD Skills, the designs become real and evolve along the ideas gathered by the Artists. No limit to the shapes, no limit to the mind, just add the details the AM or SM do the rest.

Rapid Prototyping

Design and build proof of concepts, faster and cheaper

It is a reality. We no longer spend weeks if not months in conceiving concepts. We now create upon minded ideas. The revolution is in the CAD but also in the CAM aspect of the creation. Electronic format of an idea allows its registration faster, and besides bringing a new invention to market, quickly present the proof of concept to gather more people, faster and easier.

CAD CAM Software with CNC machines but also Rapid Prototyping also called 3D printer have revolutionized our way of thinking and our way of marketing ideas and products. From the simple gear to the shaft, going through the tapered hole or the screw size desired, with 3D CAD/CAM software everything can be shown and everything can be modified to prepare the production.

With TYPE EDIT ,TYPE ART & TYPE CAM ideas are transformed into final projects and pre-production to develop investment plans and put faster on the markets any new concepts.

TYPE EDIT – Rapid Prototyping

Imports Optimizations

Rarely in a CAD solution that many features were gathered to accomplish the most highest detailed of design possible. Rich of 3 modules all inter-acting with each other TYPE EDIT has became a reference in Rapid Prototyping of artistic parts.

Various Rapid Prototypes AM & SM with TYPE EDIT 

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