end-of-life products

The following versions are no longer supported


We invite you to contact your sales representative or sales department to upgrade to the latest TYPE EDIT V14 version.

Obsolescence of TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE V12 (and earlier versions) results in:

  • The change in protection technology and licenses preventing the reprogramming dongle licenses of obsolete versions requested by customers.
  • Stopping the distribution of installation files for obsolete versions.
  • The impossibility of performing technical support, whatever it is, on these older versions.
  • The progressive and possible incompatibility of files from older versions with the current versions of the software.
Versions Release date End-of-life
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE V12 19/12/2013 19/12/2019
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE V11 24/04/2012 24/04/2018
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE V10 14/12/2010 14/12/2016
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE 2009 03/08/2009 03/08/2015
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE 2008 08/07/2008 08/07/2014
TYPE EDIT / LASER TYPE 2007 14/03/2007 14/03/2013

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