Stone, Glass, Wood Working

Perfecting Shapes with TYPE EDIT tools

In various noble materials the Artist can express its talents and perfectly reproduce objects they have in mind. With powerful 3D tools TYPE ART allows a multitude of controls, improving users skills and bringing manufacturing ease for any shaped result expected. From Wood to Glass, through Stones and Plastics, Designers skills are nowadays revealed with the power of CAD and the controls of CAM towards more and more powerful CNC machine(s).

Stoneworks, Glassworks, Woodworks…

Hands express the Artist’s motions to build amazing things on computers

Any material generated today can be modified from various ways. Artist designers can apply a multitude of methodologies to shape new items entirely from scratch. Wood CAD Software allows their mass production, and the accurate fidelity to repeatitive needs. TYPE EDIT has become a CAD Software for furniture by simply changing its user interface and providing Tools entirely dedicated to create new shapes, yet unreached.

Morphing Glass, Plastic, Wood or any other materials, the processing in CAD, is mostly the same, but with the help of a dedicated CAM solutions the innovative need of building new trends and stay away from your competition is a daily reality. Facts are Designers need more and more tools to outperform their neighbors and bring to their customers brilliant ideas never concepted before.

With the help of an Artistic CAD/CAM Solution such as TYPE EDIT, and its sister modules, conceiving is not the issue, the idea in head is.

TYPE ART – Woodworking

Advanced Wizards

LED Matrix is one of many tools available with TYPE EDIT, allowing the positioning of LED the most efficient way, guaranteeing a perfect balance of look and accurate adjustments between the electronic and the machining.

Various Wood & Stone Works made with TYPE EDIT 

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