TYPE ART Features 3D​ – Top Tools

Reveal your inner 3D skills with a complete dedicated 3D CAD package able of transforming any 2D element into 3D beautiful art, then ready-to-machine.

With TYPE ART features you can parametrically build 3D Bas reliefs from any 2D imported (DXF, EPS, DWG, IGS…) or 2D created within TYPE CAD, the 2D module 100% focused on vector creations. All the power of puffing up or down your designs is gathered within the 3D package to build the most advanced engravings into Mold cavities, Dies, 3D Signages and many more applications. TYPE ART also gather Sculpting Tools in its SCULPT’ART section allowing to bring even more detailed 3D creations into your designs and offering a wider range of controls to your customers in need of handcrafted or less computerized effects.

TYPE ART Features 3D bring a lot of flexibilities. Browse the Features of TYPE EDIT through the 3 modules Menu to discover more videos about applications made by 1 or a combination of all the modules and learn more about the capabilities offered in the software packages. Please visit also our Youtube Channel on which are gathered even more videos.