TYPE CAM – 2D, 2.5D & 3D Gallery

A Powerful CAM with multitude strategies allowing the most intricate designs in the most optimized machining time.

With TYPE CAM User Interface Users are quickly settled. From one side the Toolpath Strategies are pre-set and applied at any time on any element. Toolpath list has a floating window allowing positionning anywhere on the screen.

NC Simulation 3D Cutting (TYPE CAM)

3D Simulation (TYPE CAM)

2D Simulation (TYPE CAM)

3D Sweeping Toolpath (TYPE CAM)

3D Sweeping on Bas Relief (TYPE CAM)

Toolpath Report Editions (TYPE CAM)

4th Axis Machining (TYPE CAM)

2.5D Multi-Sequencing (TYPE CAM)

2.5D Raping Out Corners (TYPE CAM)

Tool Database Editor (TYPE CAM)

Preview of Remaining Material (TYPE CAM)

G-Code output (TYPE CAM)

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