TYPE ART – 3D General User Interface Gallery

From vectors, images, or any 3D Scanned Surface, Bas reliefs can come to life
from many ways and be cut exactly as expected. The results on your CNC machine is entirely controled.

 Add or Create textures, build organic shapes, ornaments to decorate or design embossings, it is fully possible within TYPE ART module by modelling meshed the way you want.

3D CAD Design Mold (TYPE ART)

3D Thermoforming Master (TYPE ART)

3D Woodworking Furniture Ornament (ART)

Spider Web Logo in 3D (TYPE ART)

3D Plastic Injection Mold (TYPE ART)

3D RAM Sign Bas Relief (TYPE ART)

3D Mold Cavity of a bottle (TYPE ART)

3D Automotive Insignia (TYPE ART)

3D Caps for Key Tags (TYPE ART)

3D Mold Cavity for Plastic Injection (ART)

3D Fire Department Seal (TYPE ART)

3D Cover Embossing Die (TYPE ART)

3D Wood Cornish Crown (TYPE ART)

3D Seal of the US Government (TYPE ART)

3D Plastic Injection Mold (TYPE ART)

3D Signage Food Chef (TYPE ART)