Industrial Personalization of TYPE EDIT By Scripts

New Software Solutions are made available through further customized developments in order to answering specific tasks.

In the goal of always helping further the Users to outperform their competitors, the customization of TYPE EDIT Software has been made available for all. By the way, we are here to help. Through a Worldwide network of Professionals and Direct Representatives ready to assist you on your specific projects. What we mean is offering services to achieve your industrial goals.


How to customize TYPE EDIT?

The TYPE EDIT customization interface benefits of a scripted language based on Visual Basic by Microsoft. The creation of sequences are all scriptable with any CAD tols, that is to say a personalized and simplified interface of  processes can be built from scratch, such as the organization of machining steps or the entry of dimensions and position step by step all of them can be made available through the developments of one or a series of new scripts.

TYPE EDIT can be customized also for specific operations through an established scenario as a step by step process.

Pretty much any work flow within TYPE CAD can be organized that way, offering to the operators a minimum inter-action with the process and mainly set an organized organization to minimize the human error.

The current Script Manager is editable and furnished with basic examples of scripts. Some are using direct entries from basic windows, but others demonstrate the possibility to organize HTML pages and build a perfect customization improving the user experience as a whole.

TYPE EDIT becomes thanks to this script access an advanced tool enabling the creation of new tools. That is to say tools made of a succession of actions of other tools can be combined into a new one entirely using pre-defined scenario and sorting methods.