TYPE CAD – 2D Gallery

With 30 years of continuous developments, TYPE CAD gathers several hundreds of features making it one of the most advanced and complete CAD solution available for the Graphic Design market.

The General User Interface (GUI) is in perfect adequation with the last Microsoft Windows Developments and the customization of the position of the tools is available with User’s Ribbon configuration as well. Background colorations and color adjustments of selections can be set for your favorit environment views.

2D Vector lines (TYPE CAD)

2D Contour Lines Nested (TYPE CAD)

2D Artistic Ornaments (TYPE CAD)

2D X-mas Tree Decorations (TYPE CAD)

Vector Logos (TYPE CAD)

Sign Design Pre-Set (TYPE CAD)

Automotive Light Signs (TYPE CAD)

Template Sign Custom (TYPE CAD)

Black & White Blue Print (TYPE CAD)

Raster to Vector Vectorization (TYPE CAD)

Vector Point Edition (TYPE CAD)

Pre-set Seal Sign Pattern (TYPE CAD)

2D Rosette Duplication (TYPE CAD)

2D Coloration Area (TYPE CAD)

Mapped Logo on Bottle (TYPE CAD)

2D Linear Duplications (TYPE CAD)

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