Food & Candy Industries

Shaping the way People eats

Making Food good is one thing, make it beautiful is another. A task given mostly to Designers. They not only have to seduce consumers from an attractive package, they also have to turn food into envies. With the advanced features of TYPE CAD, TYPE ART & TYPE CAM Food Designers can build prototypes and finished prints in no time, insuring a reactive design process from concept to realization.


Food Industry

Nutritive companies care about how look their products

Our food is more and more processed, with a higher level of sanitary and healthy conditions insured by the quality of the tools used. Thanks to TYPE CAD, TYPE ART and TYPE CAM food Designers build amazing toolings which are not only beautifully shaping the aliments but also bringing a real desire to actually eat them. 3D CAD/CAM Software such as TypeEdit gathers a multitude of tools capable of creating mold and any cavity with remarkable surface finish.

TYPE EDIT – Food Designs

Original Shapes

Within 3 main modules available, Users can build any vector line and transform then into either direct cutting lines or elevate from them a 3D Bas Relief and create advanced pans to seduce more customers.

Food & Candies designed with TYPE EDIT


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