TYPE EDIT V14 – Now Available !

A New Release With a New & Improved Interface. Built up for the Future.



The new version of TYPE EDIT is released with a completely revamped user interface, and a new Unicode and 64-bit compatible platform, all available in over 10 languages.

TYPE CAD, the 2D module brings new features, and import filters of the most used industrial formats all updated.

TYPE ART, the 3D module releases a brand-new 3D viewer with color and texture customization, new sweeping curves calculations and much more.

TYPE CAM brings its share of innovation, notably on the optimization and connectivity of the tool paths of the Sequence, the Engraving and the Sweeping, to avoid useless movements out of and in the material.  A total redesign of its interface with new layouts and simplified options, now clearer and better organized.

Overall, TYPE EDIT provides a stronger foundation for the future of the engraving and cutting industries.

2D CAD | Smart Toolpaths | 3D CAD 

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The Worldwide best selling Artistic CAD/CAM package within the Engraving and Cutting industries.



TOP 10  New Features


2D/3D New Sequence

A completely revisited Multi-tools Sequence With incredible optimization results.


2D Sweeping

New parameters are now available to connect within the slice for better trajectories.


2D/3D Engraving

2D & 3D Engraving Optimized with new type of connectivities.


New Color For CAM

New approach in color for CAM for more possibilities in CAM.

New Sweep Curve

A new sweeping curve for an amazing result specially in the corner.

New 3D Viewer

It is dynamic and allows to apply images / colors on 3D shapes.

Remove Aligned Points

A powerful tool for removing aligned intermediate points to save machining time.

SVG Import

SVG is now available in the TYPE EDIT import list.


64-bit Management

An important transition to 64 bit OS, offering better management of the RAM and bigger datas treatments.

Unicode Deployment

By insuring the recognition of Unicode Users for all countries will benefit of their special characters.

TYPE EDIT V14, a concentrate of CAD creative tools for 2D and 3D and a Powerful CAM with advanced algorithmics in Toolpaths. Download the What’s New, the master V14 and discover the new Flyer





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