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Follow the steps below to retrieve the fingerprint of your pc in order to get the license to use the software:

  1. Open the following URL from your web browser: http://localhost:1947/
  2. Make sure that in the option Configuration: Generate C2V file for HASP key is checked.       
  3. In the Sentinel Key page ,click on Fingerprint to create the C2V                                                                                                    
  4. Save the C2V file with the name of the user, for example: PC_John. C2V . Then send the file xxxxxxxx.C2V to the TYPE3 sales team. In return, you will receive a xxxxxxxx.V2C file to apply.
  5. To apply the V2C file, in the Update/Attach option add the V2C file by clicking on Select File… . And finally, validate by clicking on Apply File
  6. A message in the window confirms that the update has been applied successfully. You are now able to use the Software!